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In other words, the women met their deaths for defying the social roles they are expected to follow.In these cases, the murders committed are individual acts.She said she managed to grab his gun, which he had left on the bed, and shot him multiple times.In Turkey, men often receive reduced sentences when they claim to have killed to protect their “honor,” but when a woman kills, coercion into prostitution or sexual violence are rarely taken into account as mitigating circumstances.Cilem Dogan has been in the news in Turkey since turning herself in after murdering her husband last July.Led away by police in handcuffs, the young woman gave two thumbs up to reporters and shouted, “Why should women always die!Hence, such murders are not simply a matter of an individual decision, but also involve authorities’ actions, or inaction, in failing to protect women who are being battered.Many Turkish women behind bars for killing their husbands have hefty files full of official domestic violence complaints, including protective orders. According to Dogan, her husband, a drug abuser, tried to bully her into prostitution a month after they got married a few years ago in the southern city of Adana.

The last straw came in July, when Dogan's husband beat her when she refused to follow him to the resort town of Antalya to engage in prostitution.

“We want it to be accepted for women too.” How does the rest of the world deal with this problem?

In the study “Battered Woman Syndrome in Criminal Law,” Ozgur Kucuktasdemir of Ankara’s Baskent University notes that courts in common law countries often accept evidence of battered woman syndrome as a ground to decrease or dismiss criminal liability for women who kill abusive partners.

In remarks to Al-Monitor, her attorney Cemre Topal insisted that the persistent domestic violence Dogan suffered and the attempts to force her into prostitution constitute sufficient grounds to classify her action as self-defense.

“Cilem Dogan had lodged countless complaints with the police and prosecutors.

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